Basma Plus

Basma Plus features

Here's why Basma Plus is the Smartest
Prepaid Fuel card in Oman

Online Card

All transactions are synced to ensure data integrity and accuracy

Mobile App

Take full control of your Basma Plus using OOMCO World App

Easy Top-Up

You can top-up your card online using the App or at the service station

Wider Coverage

Basma Plus is accepted at all Oman Oil Marketing service stations

Family Cards

Link your family cards and top-up their cards easily whenever needed

Quick & Easy

Faster and Hustle-free payment process thanks to our Automation System

Loyalty Points

Get points every time you use Basma Plus card for refueling

Multiple Cards

Add up-to 20 Basma Plus cards to your main account

How to get your Basma Plus

It's really simple and straightforward

Register your Card

Visit the nearest Service Station with Basma Plus Poster and ask for the card

Download the app

Download OOMCO World app and register your account using the same mobile number

Manage your Cards

You'll find your registered cards in the Basma Plus Tab in the mobile app

OOMCO World app

Download the app Today and ...
Control your Basma Plus Cards
Unlock badges and get extra points
View and Redeem your loyalty points
Find your most suitable service station
OOMCO World App

How to redeem points for Fuel

Steps on how to redeem points for Fuel

Cards registration & Top-up

Family cards management

Card protection

Basma Plus FAQ

Frequently asked questions

About Basma Plus

Basma Plus is the new smart prepaid fueling card. The card can be managed through an online application and allows you to top-up your cards, activate/deactivate, view transactions and collect loyalty points.
Basma Plus is an online card that allows you to connect it to a Mobile App to fully take control of your consumption and online top-ups
Minimum top-up is 10 OMR and the maximum is 2000 OMR per transaction
The card is free if 10 OMR was added to the card at the first purchase. Otherwise, unregistered cards would cost 1 OMR.
You can use your Basma card till the end of the year to fully consume your points and remaining balance. If you still had some balance left, you may speak to OOMCO Customer care to extend your card.

Using Basma Plus

Yes, Basma Plus is accepted in all Oman Oil Marketing service stations for refueling and top-up.
Yes, the card isn’t restricted to a single vehicle. However, you can register additional cards for every family member and still manage them using the same account/app.
You need to maintain a balance that covers 5 liters of M95, which equals to around 1.2 OMR ( as of October 2019)
Yes, the card expiry is 1 year from the last top-up. So with every top-up your card’s expiry will be extended for one additional year.
Yes. If you download the OOMCO World app you will be notified after every refueling/top-up transaction.
You can get a replacement from Oman Oil Marketing Head Office or Regional Offices (Sohar and Salalah). We’ll be adding more replacement options very soon.
No. However, if you added your NSS card to your personal profile in OOMCO World App you'll get points by the end of every month.

Top-Up and Recharge

1. You can use OOMCO World app to do online top-up. 2. You can visit the nearest Service Station and ask the fuel attendant to top-up your card.
No, you can use OOMCO World mobile app to top-up your Basma Plus cards.
You can top-up your cards up-to 1,000 OMR at the service stations and up-to 2,000 OMR at the Mobile App and OOMCO Offices.
Yes, you can ask for a receipt at the service station after every top and you'll be getting an SMS as well.

Mobile App

OOMCO World app allows you to take full control of your card in terms of top-ups, block/unblock, view transactions, replace, view remaining balance ...etc.
Yes, we’ll bring all your registered cards to your app account once you create your personal account for the first time.
No, you can register your Basma Plus card from the selected Service Stations. However, to be able to fully use the card online features you’ll need to download the app.
Yes, we have tied with a reliable ePayment gateway to facilitate and secure this feature for you
You can top-up your cards for any amount between 10 OMR and 2000 OMR per transaction

Loyalty Points

Yes, you will be getting OOMCO point after every refueling transaction.
You'll be getting 0.5 pts for every liter of M91, M95 and Diesel. However, you can get 4x the points when fueling with Ultimax where you'll be getting 2 pts for every liter.
Now you'll be able to collect points from OOMCO's full network (Ahlain, Cafe Amazon, Optimo Swift, Fuel ...etc.)
After registering your account in OOMCO World mobile app, you can use your “OOMCO ID” which enables you to collect Points from OOMCO outlets.
Yes, you can redeem your points for fuel credit in your Basma Plus card.
You need at least 10,000 points (worth 10 OMR) to be able to redeem points for fuel
Download OOMCO World mobile app and go to the "Rewards" tab and select the points denomination you'd like to redeem for fuel.