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The list of major app features


We'll send you an OTP whenever you'd like to use the app


You can top-up your Basma Plus cards online


Our app is integrated with our service stations and stores including Cafe Amazon
OOMCO World App

Cool Badges

Use the app and get cool badges and free points


Our loyalty program is fully virtual! no more extra cards in your wallet

Advanced Station Locator

Find the best service station using our smart filters system

OOMCO World app

Download the app Today and ...
Control your Basma Plus Cards
View and Redeem your loyalty points
Unlock badges and get extra points
Find your most suitable service station
OOMCO World App

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Basma Plus Cards

Basma Plus Top-Up

Loyalty Points


Badges & Free Points

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Frequently asked questions

About Basma Plus

Yes, the app is available for download from both App Store and Google Play
OOMCO World App requires registration because 95% of the features are for registered users and we want to provide you a memorable experience
Yes, we’ll bring all your registered cards to your app account once you create your personal account for the first time.
No, you can register your Basma Plus card from the selected Service Station. However, to be able to fully use the card online features you’ll need to download the app.
You can tap on the Points at the Dashboard and you'll get full details of your transactions
No. Currently the app accepts Local Debit Cards only.
OOMCO ID is used to collect and redeem points from our stores and partners