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Loyalty Program FAQ

Frequently asked questions


OOMCO ID is your loyalty identification number which you can use to collect and redeem points at our stores and our partners stores.
You’ll get your OOMCO ID right after registering in the OOMCO World App or by registering a Basma Plus card (both IDs are the same)
No, the new loyalty program is a digital loyalty program and OOMCO ID is your identification number. Basma Plus is your Fuel Card.
Yes, the mobile app will enable you to redeem your points for fuel and e-vouchers.
Using OOMCO World App which is available at Play Store and App Store.
We are linking your OOMCO ID to your phone number for easy reference.

Collecting Points

We have introduced more collection methods, so now you can collect points from refueling, Ahlain stores, Café Amazon, Optimo Swift and we’ll introduce more methods soon.
Every point is worth 1 Bz.
It depends on the available e-vouchers which varies in their cost. However, for fuel redemption the minimum is 10,000 points which gives you back 10 OMR fuel balance in your Basma Plus card.
In the mobile app you’ll find a list of actions which you can do to earn free points i.e. Read a News item in the app and get 10pts.
Yes, when using your Basma Plus card you’ll automatically get points after every transaction.
Yes, you can present your OOMCO ID to the cashier and you’ll be awarded points after every transaction.
Yes, you can present your OOMCO ID to the cashier and you’ll be awarded points after every transaction.
Action points are accumulated loyalty points which helps in moving to a higher level.

Redeeming Points

To redeem your points, you’ll need to register in the OOMCO World App which is available at Play Store and App Store, then you’ll be able to find different ways to redeem your points.
You can redeem your points in OOMCO’s full network, in addition to selected partners which you’ll have access to using the e-vouchers.
OOMCO’s network will be fully covered, however our partners will be at selected locations which will be mentioned in the e-voucher.
Always check the conditions section in the e-voucher to know which locations are accepting the e-voucher. However, if this store belongs to OOMCO then please register a complaint using the app against the store and our customer support will rectify the issue.
Yes, there’s an expiry date which is visible on the e-voucher itself. Once the expiry date has been reached the e-voucher will disappear from your list.
Claimed e-vouchers are moved to the “My Rewards” tab in the OOMCO World App. You can swipe-down to refresh the list. However, if the e-voucher didn’t show up within the first few minutes, please register a complaint using the app.

Fuel Points

You’ll need to register a Basma Plus card which is available in many different service stations (look for the poster). So, using your Basma Plus card you’ll automatically get points after every transaction.
Points are awarded upon refueling
Points are calculated per liter and it depends on the product. M91, M95 and Diesel will award you ½ point for every liter. However, using Ultimax will award you 2 points per liter.
Using the OOMCO World App, in the rewards section you’ll get the option to redeem points for fuel by converting your points into balance in one of your Basma Plus cards.
The points will go the card registered owner.

Tiers and Levels

Yes, the program has 3 levels/tiers Silver, Gold and Platinum.
All new registrants will start at the Silver level.
You’ll be able to get more points from your normal transactions, plus you’ll unlock more offers and promotions.
The more points you get the faster you can move to the higher level. The best way to move to the next level is to shop from our non fuel stores such as Ahlain and Cafe Amazon. Moreover, you can get free points from doing certain tasks which are listed in the app.

Points Expiry

Yes, every point you get has an expiry of 1 year.
We’ll send you an SMS/Email a month before your points expire so you get the chance to redeem them.
Points will automatically expire after 1 year.
No, points can’t be transferred but you can always redeem your points for e-vouchers.