Loyalty Program – Terms & Conditions

OOMCO World  Terms and Conditions



Enrollment in the Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMCO) Loyalty Program is subject to acceptance of the Terms & Condition as listed below:

  1. You must present your OOMCO ID on the OOMCO World App at the time of your purchase at participating OOMCO service stations to qualify for earning points. For points on fueling transactions, the Basma+ Card must be linked to your OOMCO ID on the OOMCO World App. Points cannot be awarded retrospectively.
  2. Transactions using Ejaba+, NSS or other card(s) may not be eligible for points.
  3. Points cannot be collected on tobacco and related products, phone cards, utility bill payments or telecom payments.
  4. These terms and conditions may be amended, varied and/or supplemented by OOMCO at any time in its absolute discretion and users will be notified via the OOMCO mobile app.
  5. Specific terms and conditions will govern additional promotions and will be available on our app and website for the duration of such promotions.
  6. General terms and conditions (and the privacy policy) apply to the OOMCO World App and to collection or redemption of points and can be found at: https://world.oomco.com/privacy-policy/.
  7. OOMCO reserves the right to cancel, terminate, suspend or change the availability of points (including, but not limited to suspension arising out of non-availability of the App or technical failure generally or at a particular OOMCO service station) and users will be notified of these changes via the OOMCO mobile app. OOMCO shall not be responsible for any losses suffered or incurred as a direct or indirect result of the act of cancellation, termination, suspension or change in the availability of the Loyalty Program at OOMCO service stations.
  8. OOMCO may collect personal data in relation to questions submitted to its Customer Care department, to which the following privacy terms apply: Link to App privacy policy.
  9. The User accepts the rules below related to the Loyalty program offered within the App:
 Product Name Points Earning Rule
Regular Fuel-M91  1 Liter = 0.5 points
Super Fuel-M95  1 Liter = 0.5 points
Diesel  1 Liter = 0.5 points
Ultimax-M98  1 Liter = 2 points
Ahlain C Stores (excluding MEDC, Telecom & Tobacco)  1 OMR =  50 points
Café Amazon  / Steers  1 OMR = 100  points
Optimo Swift   1 OMR = 100  points

Redemption Rule:   1 point = 0.001 OMR

The points earned based on an eligible transaction on a given date are subject to expiry if not utilized within 24 months of the date of the subject transaction.

Contact for inquiries:

Oman Oil Marketing Company SAOG
Phone Number: 800 766 263
Email Address: emtiyaz@oomco.com
P.O. Box 92, Mina Al Fahal, P.C. 116, Sultanate of Oman or contact us via https://www.oomco.com/contact-us

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