Basma Plus

Basma Plus features

Here's why Basma Plus is the Smartest
Prepaid Fuel card in Oman 

Online Card

All transactions are synced to ensure data integrity and accuracy

Family Cards

Link your family cards and top-up their cards easily whenever needed

Mobile App

Take full control of your Basma Plus using OOMCO World App

Quick & Easy

Faster and Hustle-free payment process thanks to our Automation System

Easy Top-Up

You can top-up your card online using the App or at the service station

Loyalty Points

Get points every time you use Basma Plus card for refueling

Wider Coverage

Basma Plus is accepted at all Oman Oil Marketing service stations

Multiple Cards

Add up-to 20 Basma Plus cards to your main account

How to register your Basma Plus

It's really simple and straight forward


Register your Card

Visit the nearest Service Station with Basma Plus Poster and ask for the card


Download the app

Download OOMCO World app and register your account using the same mobile number


Manage your Cards

You'll find your registered cards in the Basma Plus Tab in the mobile app

OOMCOWorld app

Download the app Today and ...

  • Control your Basma Plus Cards
  • Unlock badges and get extra points
  •  View and Redeem your loyalty points
  •  Find your most suitable service station
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How to redeem points for Fuel

Steps on how to redeem points for Fuel

Cards registration & Top-up

Family cards management

Card protection

Basma Plus  FAQ

Frequently asked questions

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