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Basma Plus

Know more about the smartest fuel card in Oman and how to use it


Get existing rewards with our enhanced Rewards program

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exciting features

Refueling at a new Dimension

Enjoy a world of features and rewards with our "OOMCO World" app and the new Basma Plus Fuel Card

We have worked hard to bring you a new experience to enhance your journey and give you a delightful experience

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Control your Basma Plus Cards
Unlock badges and get extra points
View and Redeem your Reward points
Find your most suitable service station
OOMCO World App

App features list

The full list of the app features


We'll send you an OTP whenever you'd like to use the app


You can top-up your Basma Plus cards online


Our app is integrated with our service stations and stores
OOMCO World App

Cool Badges

Use the app to move to the next level and get cool badges and free points

Virtual Rewards Program

Our rewards program is fully virtual! no more extra cards in your wallet

Advanced Station Locator

Find the best service station using our smart filtering system

Basma PLUS vs Basma

Know the difference
Smart Card

Basma PLUS

Connected to a Mobile App

Basma Plus enables you to remotely manage your cards using OOMCO World app

Super Fast Process

Basma Plus takes seconds to be authorized and the transactions are 100% faster
Old Card


Offline Card

Basma is an offline card which means you cannot have access to the card details remotely

Slower Process

Basma transactions requires additional steps which takes longer to be processed
Loyalty Program

Totally NEW Rewards program

We are proud to be the only Fuel Marketing company in Oman that rewards its loyal customers for being part of our success

The new program is totally virtual and your points can be managed using OOMCO World app.

Enjoy a new rewards program that gives you more and ensures you get the most value of your money.